When it comes to sash window hardware, quality is king

Sash windows are booming. They’ve obviously been a familiar feature on Britain’s streets for hundreds of years.

But after a long period of decline, when uPVC casements came to dominate the middle and later part of the twentieth century, they’re back in a big way.

Today, they’re one of the most lucrative opportunities in UK glazing – part of a broader cultural shift towards high end products that’s resulted at least in part from years of aspiration-raising home improvement shows like Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

Quality is king

It’s led to homeowners demanding products that deliver authentic looks, modern performance and outstanding overall quality – and installers are demanding the same of their fabricators.

Thankfully, there are a range of high quality sash window systems on the market – everything from timber to timber-look uPVC.

But no matter how good the core system is, the finished product is never going to offer quality without the right hardware.

It’s not often acknowledged in our industry, but a window or a door isn’t a product in of itself. It’s a complex system of different products – sealed units, slabs, locks, hinges, and so on. And if any one of them isn’t right, the results are never going to be as good as they could be.

Cheap and cheerful can’t cut it

Some fabricators have tried pairing premium uPVC sash window products with cheap and cheerful balances, with less than satisfactory results.

To some extent, it’s just the result of inexperience. For decades, the vast majority of windows fabricated in the UK have been casements – and sash windows are very different.

The finest sash window products offer exceptional ease of operation – a sash that smoothly and evenly moves up and down with the minimum of effort.

But with low quality hardware, that’s very hard to deliver, and a host of problems can start to develop.

Decades of sash window expertise

At Caldwell, however, we’ve been making specialist sash window hardware for decades.

Take our Ultralift 6, one of the world’s best-performing spring balances, as an example. It’s the only spring balance on the market to achieve AAMA Class 6 in performance testing, the highest grade possible.

Providing up to 80% assisted lift, the UL6’s superior technology allows for smooth, quiet operation, making it a perfect fit for higher-end uPVC sash window products.

But for the most demanding of applications, it’s our double-sprung Torso balances that excel the most.

Renowned for its reliability, the Torso has been successfully tested to over 50,000 cycles, equivalent to 100 years of regular use, and can be used in sashes as heavy as 45kg. It also provides between 70 and 75% assisted lift.

Call Caldwell today

So, if you want to capitalise on the huge opportunities for growth the sash window market provides – or if you do already, and want to give your frames the heavy-duty hardware they deserve – speak to the experts.

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