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PVC-U Vertical Slider Hardware

In addition to supplying hardware for both timber and aluminium sliding sash windows, Caldwell’s comprehensive hardware range is also able to cater for virtually all PVC-U sash window configurations. Our hardware which is specifically designed for use in PVC-U sash window systems is both decorative and functional, ensuring that our customers are able to specify to exact aesthetic and performance levels.

Decorative sash window hardware - includes sash buttons and ring pullsDecorative PVC-U sash window hardware

Caldwell’s decorative hardware for PVC-U sash windows ensures that our customers can create windows which not only operate to an exact specification, but also achieve an appropriate aesthetic.

Caldwell’s specialist design teams are able to manufacture a range of decorative hardware suitable for PVC-U sash windows, including:

  • Sash locks – For additional security
  • Sash lifts and rings – To operate the sliding mechanism of the sash regardless of positioned height
  • Tilt buttons – Designed for use in both standard and specific system applications
  • Travel restrictors – Limiting the distance sash is able to move, benefiting safety and security

Functional PVC-U sash window hardware

Alongside our decorative hardware pieces, Cadwell produce a comprehensive range of functional hardware which means that specifiers and fabricators can choose products from our range which are able to meet the required specifications for virtually any project.

Caldwell are able to manufacture a range of functional hardware designed for use in PVC-U sash windows, including:

  • Spring balances – Able to provide mechanical assistance for sashes up to 45kg in weight
  • Pivot Bars – Facilitating the tilting of action of tilt-in sash windows
  • Tilt Latches and Restrictors – Providing additional support and positive sash engagement, as well as the retention of sashes up to 45kg for when cleaning is required
  • Pivot Shoe – To prevent the window from sliding when n a tilted position
  • Shackles – Connecting the sash to the window’s outer frame for safer installation

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