Never before seen innovation gets thumbs up from UK market

Tim Ferkin of Caldwell

A never before seen innovation has generated high interest from UK manufacturers following its ground-breaking debut to the market.

Hardware experts Caldwell UK Ltd unveiled its FoldUp window – a first for the industry – at the FIT Show 2016, where it drew admiration from the crowds and the seal of approval from manufacturers.

The FoldUp window combines high-performance operation with a traditional appearance. It looks identical to a vertical sliding sash window but operates similarly to the concertina mechanism on a bifold; and has a weight capacity of up to 70kg.

The window sash folds at the centre to offer world-class ventilation and unobstructed views to outside.

It is an incredibly popular style in the US but is completely new to the UK.

Demand for this product for its intended installation is low, but Caldwell spotted an alternative market for FoldUp where it could satisfy bigger demand and offer increased sales opportunities for manufacturers.

Tim Ferkin, Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “The primary use of the FoldUp system in the US is commercial applications such as bars and restaurants to create an open plan environment and increase airflow into a building.

“We’re keen to champion the product in the UK as it will allow our customers to take advantage of new sales opportunities. The FoldUp window is the smallest hung egress solution currently on the market and is an ideal solution to meet Building Regulations for fire escapes in residential and commercial buildings.”

Current Building Regulations stipulate that every ground floor and first floor room in a building needs a fire escape window or protected stair enclosure or corridor leading directly to a door.

The FoldUp window is identical to Caldwell’s automated VS windows and they can be installed in conjunction with each other to offer a convenient and secure operation to the end user whilst providing a compliant means of escape.

Tim comments: “At Caldwell it’s all about pioneering the future of hardware – spotting new opportunities in the market and combining technology and innovation to produce products that create and satisfy growing demand in emerging lucrative markets.”