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Phrase or word Definition in English Dutch Translation(s)
Awning Opening window with hinge at top Bovenlicht, Uitzetraam
Axle Pulley A pulley with a spindle and a bearing bush for a sliding sash window As Pulley
Balance Mechanism to keep sash in position Balansveer, balansveren
Bearing Pulley A pulley with a high performance ball or roller bearing for a sliding sash window Kogellager Pulley
Block & Tackle Mechanism to balance a sash using springs, pulleys & cord Block & Tackle
Bolt weight connector A metal connector to connect the sash chain to the sash weight on a sliding sash window Bolt gewicht connector
Bottom Rail The bottom rail of the lower sash often deeper than that of the upper sash. Bottom Rail
Box sash window Traditional timber vertical sliding window with weights and rope mechanism Schuifraam met koorden, katrollen en gewichten
Caldwell balance A window balance supplied by Caldwell Hardware UK Ltd Caldwellveren
Cam stays A folding opener type mechanism Raamuitzetter, Raamboom
Casement A hinged opening sash Draairaam
Casement adjuster A means of adjusting the movement of a casement sash Kierstandhouder
Casement hinge A hinge designed for use on a casement sash Raamscharnier
Casement window hardware Window hardware designed for casement windows Draairaam beslag
Cast Iron sash weight A weight made from cast iron used to counterbalance the weight of a sliding sash window Gietijzer raamgreep gewicht
Cill The lower horizontal member of a window outer frame Onderdorpel
Cleaning The removal of dirt or contaminants from windows Ramenwassen
Commercial A type of property used for business or public access Utiliteitsbouw
Conservatory A structure, predominantly glazed attached to a building Serre
Constant Force A type of sash balance which is produced from coiled flat spring steel strip Clockspring Patentveer met lint
Curtain wall A large glazed area of a building Glasvliesgevel
Door A means of access to a building Deur
Double hung A window type with two sashes sliding vertically Schuifraam met twee schuivende vleugels
Double Sprung A type of balance incorporating two springs Torso balansveer AVRI patent veer
Duplex cam stays A type of over centre opening & closing mechanism for casement windows Raamboom, Raamsluiting
Escape A means of exit in an emergency Nooduitgang
Eyebolt A metal bolt threaded at one end and formed into a ring at the other end to enable sash cord and sash weights to be connected Oog draad
Fabricator A company or person who assembles windows or doors Raam- of deurfabrikant
Fanlight catch A means of opening and closing casement windows hinged at the lower edge Raamknip
Fitch catch A traditional lock mechanism for vertical sliding windows Schuifraamslot
Folding opener A type of over centre opening & closing mechanism for casement windows Raamuitzetter, Uitzetijzer, Bovenlichtopener, Bovenraamsluiting
Frame The peripheral structure of a window or door Kozijn
Friction hinge A mechanism with in built friction functioning as a hinge for casement windows Remschaar
Friction adjusters A means of increasing or decreasing the friction in a door or window mechanism
Glass The material predominantly used to glaze windows Glas, Isolatieglas, Thermopane
Hinge The mechanism to enable windows and doors to open & close Scharnier
Hopper window A window hinged on the bottom edge which opens inwards Valraam
Horn A short decorative extension of the sash styles extending beyond the meeting rail. Originally to strengthen the joint but now usually purely decorative.
Jamb liner A profile of plastic or metal used in timber windows to enable hardware to be fitted easily Raamstijlgeleiders, Schuifraamprofiel
Lead sash weight A weight made from cast or extruded lead used to counterbalance the weight of a sliding sash window Lood raamgreep gewicht
Lift Off A method of removing sashes from vertical sliding windows Uitneembare vleugels, Verhuisraam
Lift Off Pivot Bars A mechanism that permits sash lift off from vertical sliding windows Eenvoudig te verwijderen verhuisraam
Limit restrictor A vertical rail dividing sections of a window Kierstandhouder, begrenzer
Loop weight connector A metal loop used to connect sash chain to a sash weight Loop gewicht connector
Make Weight A small iron or lead weight used to achieve the exact counterbalance effect on a box sash window.
Meeting Rails lower horizontal rail of the upper sash and the upper horizontal rail of the lower sash. Normally rebated to accommodate weather seals and sometimes a security interlock rail.
Mullion A mechanism that enables more than one locking point to engage when a single handle is operated Tussendorpel
Multi-point locking A mechanism that restricts linear or rotational travel in doors & windows Meerpuntssluiting
Nylon sash cord Nylon cord to support the sash weight on a sliding sash window Raamgreep nylondraad
Operating gear Mechanisms for operating window & door hardware Hang- en sluitwerk, Raambeslag
Over Centre Cam stay See folding opener
Parting Bead A vertical bead that separates and controls the path of the two sliding sashes and enables weather seals to be used.
Patio rollers Rollers designed for use on horizontal sliding doors Patiodeurrollers
Pivot bar A product that enables sashes on vertical sliding windows to be tilted inwards Scharnierstaaf
Pivot hinge A hinge mechanism for windows designed to rotate about a vertical or horizontal axis Draairaam, Speun
Pivot shoe A mechanism to enable sashes on vertical sliding windows to tilt whilst balances are fitted Remblokje
Pocket An access to the weights box in a box sash window. Usually cut into the pulley stile.
Pole operator An extended pole to enable the operation of window hardware when located in a high location Raambedieningsstok, Pikhaak, Bootshaak, Raamstok
Pre-tensioned A balance with the correct tension for a specific sash weight supplied ready to install OP bestelling gemaakte balansveer
Pulley Stile side panel in the box of a box sash window. It supports the weight of the sash and the sash weights via the pulley.
Over Centre Cam stay See Folding opener
Quadilent Stay See Folding Opener
Residential A domestic building or where people reside Woonhuis
Restrictor A device that reduces movement of a window or door from the maximum possible Begrenzer, Kierstandhouder
Restrictors The plural of restrictor Begrenzers, Kierstandhouders
Reversible A device or mechanism that permits a sash to be fully rotated to 180 degrees Speunen
Safety Consideration to the potential for a window or door to be injurious to the person using it Politiekeurmerk, Inbraakwerend, Inbraakwerendheid
Sash The opening/moving part of a window Begwegend of schuivend gedeelte van een raam
Sash balance A device to support the weight of a sash on a vertical sliding window Balansveer, Patentveer, Schuifraamveer
Sash chain Continuous linked chain to support the sash weight on a sliding sash window Raamgreep ketting
Sash cord Waxed cotton or nylon cord to support the sash weight on a sliding sash window Raamgreep koord
Sash cords The means of connecting weights to a sash to balance it’s mass Koorden en Katrollen
Sash hook A component fitted to a sash to enable easy movement by a user Raamgreep, Handgreep
Sash keep A device used with a sash lock to prevent sash movement Slotplaat, Sluitkom
Sash lift A component fitted to a sash to enable easy movement by a user Raamgreep, Handgreep
Sash lifts The plural of sash lift Raamgrepen, Handgrepen
Sash lock A mechanism that locks a sliding sash on a vertical sliding window Schuifraamslot, Raamslot
Sash plate & bars A metal bracket and metal rod used to connect sash chain to a timber sliding sash Raamgreep & ketting connector
Sash pole ring A component fitted to an upper sash to enable easy movement by a user in conjunction with a pole operator Raamgreep, Raamoog
Sash weight A metal weight to counterbalance the weight of a sliding sash window Raamgreep gewicht
Sash weights Weights attached to a sash by cords to counter-balance the sash mass Koorden en gewichten
Sash window A vertical sliding window with either one or two sashes sliding Vertikaal schuifraam
Sash window locks A mechanism that locks a sliding sash on a vertical sliding window Raamslot
Scotia A decorative moulding fitted to cover the joint between external lining & masonry.
Side hung A casement window with a hinge or hinges fitted to one vertical side Draairaam
Sill See cill
Sliding window A window with one or more sashes sliding either vertically or horizontally Schuifraam
Sliding window hardware Hardware products for a sliding window Schuifraambeslag
Spiral balance A balance with a helical rod generating vertical thrust in conjunction with a spring for the sashes fitted to vertical sliding windows Balansveer, Patentveer
Spiralift A Caldwell Hardware (UK) Limited spiral balance product Schroefveer, Caldwellveer, Spirex
Spring balance A general term for sash window balances which use springs Balansveer, Patentveer
Springs Carbon wire steel springs wound from flat or round wire Verenstaal, Veren
Staff Bead Staff bead – A moulded bead on the inside of the window which retains the lower sash and may be used with a weather seal.
Stiles The side rails of the sliding sashes.
Storm catch A device for opening and closing window sashes that are hinged. Often used in difficult to access places Stromvanger, Kierstandhouder
Take Out System A mechanism that enables sliding sash balance mechanisms to remain in place whilst a sash is removed
Tandem bar A rigid bar linking two remote folding opener mechanisms Raambedieningsstang
Tandem rollers Two rollers operating one behind the other Patiodeurrollers
Tension tool A hand held tool used to apply turns to a spiral balance to create the required tension to support the sash mass Opwindingsslingertje
Tilt latch A mechanism that is fitted to the top of a sliding sash and permits the sash to tilt inwards for cleaning purposes on vertical sliding windows Raamstijlgeleiders
Top hung A casement window where a sash is hinged so to rotate about the sash top rail Uitzetraam, Bovenlicht
Top Rail The top rail of either upper or lower sash.
Torso The name of the worlds leading pre-tensioned spiral balance Torso
Torso balance The worlds best pre-tensioned spiral balance Torso balansveer
Transom A vertical member of a window or door main frame which divides sections of the window or door Stijl
Travel restrictor A mechanism that limits the travel of a sliding sash to a pre-determined amount Begrenzer
Ultralift A pre-tensioned spiral balance Ultratlift
Vertical Slider A window type with one or two sashes sliding vertically Vertikaa, Schuifraam
VS A vertical sliding window
Waxed cord Waxed cotton cord to support the sash weight on a sliding sash window Gewaxt katoen koord
Waxed cotton cord Waxed cotton cord to support the sash weight on a sliding sash window Gewaxt katoen koord
Window A purpose made frame glazed and for fitment to a building or structure Raam
Window balance A device to counter weight the mass of a sliding sash on a vertical sliding window Uitbalanceren
Window catch A device to lock the opening sash of a window Kierstandhouder
Window catches The plural of window catch Kierstandhouders
Window hardware Components and assemblies which enable windows to be assembled and operated correctly Raambeslag, Raamgarnituur
Window hardware UK Window hardware from the UK Eungels raambeslag
Window latches Devices that permit windows and sashes to be opened Raampen
Window openers Mechanisms that permit an operable window to be opened Raamopener
Window pole opener An extended rod with a suitable end attachment which permits a user to open or close windows Raamstok
Window pole operator An extended rod with a suitable end attachment which permits a user to open or close windows Raamoog
Window stays A device which enables a user to open a window and retain it in a desired position Raamvastzetter
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