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Selection of door hardware

A variety of door hardware including handles and hingesTo complement our range of, sash, casement and pivot window hardware, Caldwell can also manufacture and supply a range of door hardware pieces. Customers are able to consult us regarding bespoke product designs, or choose from our selection of standard door hardware products which include:

  • Friction adjusters: A device used to adjust the levels of friction in window and door operation.
  • Hinges: Enabling a door or window to effectively open and close, our selection of butt hinges are particularly suited for use with doors.
  • Multi-point locking: A system which provides enhanced security by limiting the rotational travel of a window or door.
  • Operating gear: Function hardware used to operate a door or window – e.g. handles.
  • Patio rollers: Devices which facilitate the sliding mechanism of patio or other sliding doors.
  • Restrictor: Hardware which limits the movement of a door or window to the required level.

Bi-fold door hardware

Caldwell manufactures a wide range of bifold door hardware to facilitate the smooth operation of virtually any folding door system. We supply a selection of hardware designed to aid the door’s consistent opening, closing and security – including rollers, hinges and handles.

Roller & top guide

Manufactured from robust materials, our bifold roller and top guides ensure that the folding door system will consistently track in a smooth manner, with support for both the top and bottom of the system.

Single roller & top guide

Caldwell provide a single roller version of our our roller and top guide bifold hardware, catering for all types of folding door installations.


High quality hinges between door leafs provide a quality folding operation, whilst also folding to create a flush, secure seal against external conditions.

Open in D handle

Ergonomically designed and easy to use, Caldwell manufactures D handles for internal use on bifolding door systems. They provide a solid hold for operating the a bifold’s sliding mechanism.

Shootbolt handle

Our shootbolt handles are robustly designed, whilst also offering great aesthetics. For security assurances, they drive a shootbolt from the traffic door which is designed to withstand forced entry.

Butt hinges

Though Caldwell can offer bespoke hardware creation, our primary focus for door hardware is in the supply of manufacture of butt hinges.

Also available for casement windows, we can manufacture and supply butt hinge designs based on frame specifications, whilst also taking into account different load bearing requirements to ascertain the optimum hinge location. Our butt hinges are extruded in aluminium, and are fixed with stainless steel pivot pins for consistency in their finish and improved strength and durability. For lower levels of maintenance and ease of operation, Caldwell butt hinges also feature self-lubricating nylon bushes.

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