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Friction Stays

Friction hinges for casement windows

Caldwell are able to supply a range of friction hinges to suit multiple window configurations, be it top hung, side hung or heavy duty window applications. Whatever casement window configuration you may be specifying for, we can provide a selection of friction hinges to suit virtually any project.

Our most popular friction hinges include:

  • Top and bottom hung friction hinges: Caldwell supply the AMC200 for use on both top or bottom hung casement configurations. A four bar hinge, the AMC200 series is able to accommodate vents up to 80kg in weight (depending on the hinge model). It is advised that to achieve a desired level of limited opening for safety, that an additional friction
    device may also need to be installed.
  • Side hung friction hinges: For use in casement windows featuring side hung vents, Caldwell can provide the AMC4000 series of friction hinges. The AMC4000 series feature four bar channel mounts, and depending on the model, they are able to support vents up to 52kg in weight. As with the AMC200 series, an additional friction device may be required for limited opening. Caldwell can also supply the AMC5000 series for more heavy duty side hung vent configurations, featuring more substantial support linkage and supporting vents up to 72kg in weight.
  • Curtain walling friction hinges: Caldwell can also cater for larger, more heavy duty window installations with the SG series for large curtain wall vents. Featuring geometry designed to facilitate an easy operation, the SG series is capable of supporting vents weighing up to 140kg, they incorporate a reinforced support arm, they are made from austenitic stainless steel and brass for superior levels of consistency and strength.

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