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3000 Pivot

3000 pivot hinge for pivot windowsDiscreet pivot for reversible and pivot window systems

Caldwell’s 3000 Pivot is suitable for installation in both pivot and reversible window systems, allowing the sash to turn as much as 180 degrees. Compatible with systems from a range of different companies, the 3000 can offer fabricators and specifiers both discreet aesthetics and high levels of performance – featuring a clean finish and facilitating excellent levels of air circulation.

Securely designed window pivot

The 3000 Pivot from Caldwell is supplied in pairs, in either a combination of an unrestricted and restricted pivot, or in a pair of two unrestricted pivots.Whilst we aren’t able to supply a pair of restricted pivots, the benefits the restricted pivot’s design is that it can offer increased levels of security. Choosing a pair of restricted and unrestricted pivots can provide the end user with a more secure window configuration, as the restricted unit incorporates an arm designed to prevent the sash opening more than 15 degrees beyond an initial vent position. This not only allows for sufficient levels of ventilation, but also helps to limit unauthorised access and decrease the likelihood of intrusion.

Fully tested and suitable for multiple materials

Compatible for use on both horizontal and vertical tilting windows, the 3000 Pivot can be installed in PVC-U, timber, aluminium and steel window configurations. Depending on the strength of the window, its fixtures, and vertical and horizontal configurations, the 3000 Pivot is able to accommodate weights of up to 100kg per pair. To ensure that they continually operate at a high standard, each 3000 Pivot undergoes rigorous testing before shipping, and can endure

over 30,000 cycles without failure without requiring regular maintenance.

The 3000 Pivot is compatible with window systems from the following companies, though for full details on the 3000 Pivot, please consult our 3000 Pivot Datasheet:

  • Comar
  • Deceuninck
  • Profile 22
  • Rehau
  • Schuco
  • Veka
  • WHS Halo
  • SAS

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